Bulbul Backpackers, Quissico

Diederik writes:
We run Bulbul Backpackers Lodge in Quissico. It is listed in your guide but the email address has changed.  The old email adress is dmazzeld@yahoo.co.uk but the new one is bulbulbackpackers@gmail.com


Tofo updates

Geri writes:

  • Baia Sonamula:  Stayed there 4 nights.  Delicious breakfast.  Staff the best in Tofo; seemed to really want you to enjoy your stay, friendly without being in the way, there when you needed them and not when you didn’t, extremely helpful and pleasant, seemed to enjoy their work and work well as a team.  I reviewed it on Trip Advisor.
  • Turtle Cove: I spent a night there and I’d agree it’s a good choice, based on my experience and what others say.  Haven’t seen the dorm though so can’t comment on that bit.


  • Zanzi Beach: opened in December.  On the beach 50 metres from the market.  Owner-managed.  Excellent café and fish restaurant with relaxed ambience.  Choose between sofa with low table or normal dining table.  Great food e.g. ceviche (is that what raw fish and salad on toast is called?), clams, oysters, squid stew, seafood risotto.  At least one vegetarian option always available.  Coconut water flavoured with ginger, lime etc goes well with the seafood.  I think this will soon be recognised as the best – and only really good – seafood restaurant in Tofo.  Closed Sundays.
  • Casa de Comer: I agree with the Bradt write-up.  They’ve also just started doing great pizza.
  • What U Want: The pizza is good but the pasta was overcooked and swimming in oil.
  • Dathonga: This is an art gallery, café and bar.  It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The food is excellent; the best in Tofo in my opinion after Zanzi Beach though I haven’t eaten everywhere.  Run by a delightful Irish/Mozambique couple; friendly, relaxed feel.  Live music every Sunday from 5pm.  The art gallery is currently exhibiting work by Goncalo Mubunba – who I first came across in the British Museum – so world class art!

ATMs in Mozambique

Boris writes:

Your Mozambique guide (2014 edition) states that it is “staggering quite how good the ATM network is”. Based on this, we decided to rely on ATMs on our recent (October 2015) visit to the country. Alas – using the ATMs turned out to be a nightmare. Even in larger towns like Nampula and Pemba, and even Maputo, many ATMs rejected our 4 cards (MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Cirrus) even though they carried logos for all those cards. We tried dozens of ATMs, and there were long lines in front of most, making it a frustrating and time-consuming activity to hunt for money. In Ilha, all 3 ATMs had a sign saying there simply was no money left.

Fortunately, we had taken a backup in USD and EUR and managed to change this for a not-too-bad rate. Some ATMs did accept our cards, but then refused them on a next visit.

News from Jesus E Bom Campsite, Tete

Griet Gouws of Jesus E Bom writes:

This is to inform you that the old Jesus E Bom  campsite in Tete has been upgraded and repaired. It is beautifully situated on the banks of the Zambesi just 600m downstream from the bridge on the eastern side.

There are excellent camping spots in the shade under the trees on green grass with braai facilities, clean hotwater showers, a swimming pool and lapa with electricity. There is also accommodation in 2 selfcatering rooms available.

Camping is 300 MZN /100 ZAR per person per night.
The rooms are :single 1800 MZN/ 600 ZAR
Double 2000 MZN / 750 ZAR.

We accept US Dollar and Euro based on the current rate at that time.
We have drinks and boerewors  for sale.

More info: jesusebomcamp@gmail.com or https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010134603893