Ibo Island Festival

Jo-Anna Looms of Ibo Island Lodge (www.iboisland.com), the smartest lodge on the historic island of Ibo, has sent me the following info about the upcoming Kueto Siriwala Festial, held annually over 23-26 June:

Every June, Ibo Island celebrates Kueto Siriwala – the Ibo Festival! The festival is a music and cultural celebration. The island comes alive with local music, food stalls and activities. This is your chance to experience a real Mozambique cultural festival!

These are the facts:


  • In 1773, Ibo Island was declared the capital of Cabo Delgado, Northern Mozambique.It was this year, on June 25, that the first Kueto Siriwala festival was held.
  • Kueto Siriwala (cue-to sea-ree-wala) means “to not forget your roots.”
  • Kueto Siriwala, celebrates Independence Day, family, togetherness and the heritage of the island.
  • Celebrations start on the 23rd of June and continue deep into the 26th, and over these days, a carnival atmosphere takes over the island.
  • Traditional dancing takes place. Local groups entertain with beautiful singing and local instruments.
  • Children present poetry and plays to the crowds. The audience cheer on in merriment.
  • Fresh seafood, coconut rice and tropical fruit are all abundant. Neighbours come together through the love of food and bonds are made through the preparation and sharing of dishes.







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