Crossing from Malawi to Tete

The best and safest way to cross from Malawi to Tete is to take a bus from Blantyre to Harare (maybe “Flying Horses” from the Central Bus Station) – you have to pay for the whole trip, but it will be a comfortable one, and the bus stops in Tete, where you can disembark!

Ideally, get your Mozambican visa in Lilongwe, as it’s much easier than to buy it on the border. On the border, it can be that they want to see your Yellow Fever Vaccination! Don’t forget it!

In Tete you will find several options (TCO, LTM) for buses to Chimoio, Beira etc



2 thoughts on “Crossing from Malawi to Tete

  1. shaun says:

    please can someone tell me if i can take a tco or any other bus to that is comfortable to pemba
    this i would be leaving from Tete

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