Dunes de Dovela

We have opened one year ago a new eco-lodge “Dunes de Dovela” situated 80 km South of Inhambane (15 km North of Zavora) in a remote and splendid area. This eco-lodge is the result a 4 years project with the local community. For more information visit our website
www.dunesdedovela.com or facebook page http://www.facebook.com/DunesDeDovela

On behalf of Dunes de Dovela’s team,



One thought on “Dunes de Dovela

  1. Mike Slater says:

    I had the privilege of staying at Dunes de Dovela during November of 2012. Now I have have the sand from literally dozens of Mozambican beaches stuck between my toes but the forest, dunes, view and beach at Dovela made me realize that my quest for the best spot in Mozambique is over, perhaps. Oh and the best way to narrow down that travel checklist is to first find out whether the place is “owner-managed”. Dovela is, and add to that built and nurtured.

    Hats off to Alexandra and Thomas.

    And if you go there and are NOT bewitched, let us know why not….

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