Catembe Ferry & Restaurants update

Francois writes:

Just returned from a trip to Maputo and Catembe and used your Mozambique guide. I have always found your books informative . Looking at the web site I saw comments about the Catembe Ferry and waiting times. I would like to bring to the attention of your readers that while waiting periods for the ferry can be rather long ( although there is plenty to entertain on both sides with everyone quite happy to have a chat over a drink , there are smaller boats that only take passengers which follow the same route as the ferry ( see attached photo) . These boats leave much more frequently than the ferry . You pay twice as much for the ride (10 mticais – instead of the 10 meticais for the ferry ) but you will get across much faster . If you have a fair amount of luggage you will be told to take the ferry . As for the long ferry waits , things really slow down when there is just a single ferry on the route . Once the queues get too long , the second ferry is put into action .Over the weekend when only one ferry operates , the frequency of the passage drops to one per hour. And yes , when loading the ferry it remains amazing how many cars are parked on deck .

The restaurant Diogo at Catembe continues to offer excellent food – the restaurant now has an open deck on the beach providing a great view of Maputo


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