New post bus service on major routes through Mozambique

Thanks to Sean Connolly for the following key update:

Correios de Moçambique recently launched an inter-provincial bus service called the “Post Bus”:

Looks like the routes are:


(sources seem to vary as to whether or not Nacala is actually served or not)
Couldn’t find a schedule online but a few runs/week seems likely. The buses are newly imported from SA & look to be of a much higher standard than the rattletrap Maningue Nice/Nagi Nagi buses.

You buy tickets at the post offices (easy!) & the info line is 84 312 3102, which I got from this excellent & informative blog post (which also says TCO/Oliviera is out of business):

Other useful links:

2 thoughts on “New post bus service on major routes through Mozambique

  1. Emily Savage says:

    Much to our disappointment, after going to investigate the Post Bus passenger service today (22/09/16)at Maputo main post office, we learnt that it is not currently operating. Political road blocks and violence bin the north have meant Post Bus activity has currently ceased along all routes.
    We’ve booked to go to Vilankulos with LTN table agency instead (King Long Buses)

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