​Maputo Special Reserve and Mabeco Tours

ANTÓNIO ALVERCA of Mabeco Tours writes:
​Maputo Special Reserve:
The wildlife sightings are getting much better here, and you will see huge numbers of elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, hippos, crocs more often than you used to, as well as several bird species.
Crossing the Catembe Ferry is complicated at the moment (August 2015) due to the fact one of the 2 ferrys are in repairs (no estimated time for works conclusion) – if you want to visit the reserve we recommend to take the first (05.30 Am) ferry​. On the way out of Catembe you can stop by The Gallery Hotel (http://www.galleryhotel.co.mz/) for one of the best Skyline Views of Maputo – also excellent to visit its unique and uncommon Restaurant area and small museum dedicated to the Mozambican independence.
The road is to the reserve very bad and a full 4X4 vehicle is recommended. During dry season it is easy but a lot of corrigation. During rainy season it is recommended to check the depth of the potholes (sometimes you cannot see the road with the amount of water) before you cross them.
The bridge from Maputo to Catembe is being built and the road will be upgraded after this (around 2 or 3 years if no delays). If you are short of fuel, you have Catembe to fill up, and a small place in Salamanga Village. Also, a new petrol station is being built just a few kilometres before Mjejane Village, almost within the Reserve border area.
In Salamanga we recommend to stop at the local “cantina”, a big yellow building that produces home made fresh bread using old methods.
Once you arrive at the Reserve there is now a small shop for sandwiches, coffee, chips and drinks at the gate. It is the last opportunity to use the toilet too – from there on, you need to use the bush.
Mabeco Tours is my new Agency/Operator in Maputo. We are specialized in classic luxurious safaris in the Wild. Our best experience is Maputo Special Reserve, where your expectations will be exceeded by our Camp Mabeco. We also cover Border Countries like South Africa (Kruger Park) and Swaziland (Hlane Royal National Park). We offer more ranges of experiences such as Road Transfers, 4X4 transfers, city Tours, Cultural Tours and also exclusive beach packages. We are specialists in Logistic works in the Bush and in Corporate Teambuilding.

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