Tofo updates

Geri writes:

  • Baia Sonamula:  Stayed there 4 nights.  Delicious breakfast.  Staff the best in Tofo; seemed to really want you to enjoy your stay, friendly without being in the way, there when you needed them and not when you didn’t, extremely helpful and pleasant, seemed to enjoy their work and work well as a team.  I reviewed it on Trip Advisor.
  • Turtle Cove: I spent a night there and I’d agree it’s a good choice, based on my experience and what others say.  Haven’t seen the dorm though so can’t comment on that bit.


  • Zanzi Beach: opened in December.  On the beach 50 metres from the market.  Owner-managed.  Excellent café and fish restaurant with relaxed ambience.  Choose between sofa with low table or normal dining table.  Great food e.g. ceviche (is that what raw fish and salad on toast is called?), clams, oysters, squid stew, seafood risotto.  At least one vegetarian option always available.  Coconut water flavoured with ginger, lime etc goes well with the seafood.  I think this will soon be recognised as the best – and only really good – seafood restaurant in Tofo.  Closed Sundays.
  • Casa de Comer: I agree with the Bradt write-up.  They’ve also just started doing great pizza.
  • What U Want: The pizza is good but the pasta was overcooked and swimming in oil.
  • Dathonga: This is an art gallery, café and bar.  It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  The food is excellent; the best in Tofo in my opinion after Zanzi Beach though I haven’t eaten everywhere.  Run by a delightful Irish/Mozambique couple; friendly, relaxed feel.  Live music every Sunday from 5pm.  The art gallery is currently exhibiting work by Goncalo Mubunba – who I first came across in the British Museum – so world class art!

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